SCIF Construction

SCIF Construction

Overview of SCIF

Palmer’s Contracting Group is a leading design-build construction firm specializing in SCIF (Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities). PCG has subject matter experts on hand to include ICD 705 requirements. PCG has built numerous SCIF spaces for private sector firms and the intelligence community.

Significant SCIF Experience

As a qualified SCIF contractor with more than 25 years of SCIF construction experience, we can guide you through the planning, construction and accreditation process. SCIF requirements are complex, and most of our clients are unfamiliar with the SCIF construction process. Our experience enables us to educate our clients so they can meet their clients’ needs and specifications. PCG fully understands the ICD 705 requirements that must be met before any construction begins. Let our staff guide you through all aspects of the front-loaded process.

Pre-Construction Services

We can help you determine the scope and nature of your SCIF needs, and provide preliminary cost proposals for your SCIF construction project. We can lay the groundwork for your SCIF project by determining the type, size, configuration and budget that meets your needs. That lets you focus on what you do best: developing the other components of your RFP.

Accurate, reasonable cost projections are critical.  Our extensive experience with SCIF construction projects enables us to provide more accurate cost proposals than many of our competitors can provide. And just because it’s a SCIF doesn’t mean we charge more. Our pricing remains consistent, whether we’re delivering a SCIF construction project or a tenant interior. We’re dedicated to giving you the best project for the best value.

Accreditation Assistance

We can assist you in the entire accreditation process. We follow all government regulations for SCIF construction—at a minimum, that includes DCID 6/9 Transition to ICD 705, JAFAN Requirements, Conceptual Plans, Construction Security Plans, Fixed Facility Checklist and all other requirements. PCG is in a position to assist you to meet all requirements that must be performed before any construction. In more than 25 years, we’ve never failed an accreditation inspection. Please contact Scott Palmer for more information.

SCIF Expertise

We understand the entire scope of creating a SCIF—from designing and building the facilities to fully meeting ICD 705, JAFAN, 180 Day transition from DCID 6/9 to ICD 705, with subject matter experts on hand create an accredited SCIF space.

PCG delivers the complete range of SCIF capabilities. We can build anything from TS closed areas to fully secured and shielded facilities that meet TS/SCI specifications.  For example, we have experience with tempest rooms, RF shielding, sound group 3 and 4, SCIF-compliant doors and hardware, RF Shielded Door, dielectric fittings, manbars, grounding, power filtering, mechanical joints that break or filter power, and electric conductors.