SCIF Construction Projects

PCG has numerous SCIF and secure area projects under construction and is negotiating multiple other secured projects that are due to release soon. In accord with security requirements and nondisclosure agreements, we limit listing of names and addresses, but references and recommendations are available.

Undisclosed Project #1

Location: Undisclosed
Contact: Cassidy/Turley, Adrian Conforti, 703-770-3447
Performance: PCG, Prime General Contractor
Scope: 3-room TS/Closed area, secured conference room, comms area

Cassidy/Turley, acting as construction manager for the tenant, hired PCG to work with their architect to assist in delivering ICD 705 components for this SCIF construction project. In addition to a three-room TS/Closed area and comms room, PCG built three secured areas and performed the tenant fit-out. Both the working area and the timeline were very tight. To meet the timeline, Scott Palmer and the FSO worked directly with the accreditor in phone calls and on-site meetings to move the CSP plan forward and obtain approval for construction. PCG provided all walls, door systems, alarm systems, and secured and unsecured voice and data wiring coordination. This project received full accreditation on September 27, 2011. PCG and the FSO were able to schedule the accreditor on the same day as the final inspection of the building. This is the second project that PCG has performed for this client. It included de-accreditation of secured areas on another floor and accreditation of the new space. The accreditor was very pleased with our ability to communicate effectively and meet all ICD 705 requirements.

Undisclosed Project #2

Location: Austin, Texas
Scope: TS/SCI with Tempest mitigation

PCG was one of only three pre-qualified bidders that specialize in SCIF construction and can meet the ICD 705 requirements. PCG was awarded the contract, with a start date in November 2011. PCG has been to the site, worked through a complete change in scope by the client, and re-priced and value-engineered the project. Although PCG has not yet performed any construction, the client has already recommended PCG for another project located in New York.

Undisclosed Project #3

Scope: Interior renovations, SCIF construction to ICD-705 requirements

This is a design-build project to convert an existing 6,500-square-foot space into tenant/SCIF space. The negotiated project has been fast-tracked due to the need to have the SCIF accredited and ready for use in compliance with the tenant’s contracts. The secured portions include secured computer/IT rooms, TS/Closed areas, and TS/SCI areas with full Tempest buildout. This project will be started in the near future. Final lease negotiations were completed in September. PCG is working directly with the client/architect and property manager to make sure the project comes in on time and within budget.

Department of Justice

Scope: Design-build SCIF; completed June 2011, passed accreditation first round

This project was a design build project for DOJ on a fast-track order. The project had many hurdles to jump through because DOJ needed the use of a portion of the space very quickly and then phased the other portions to come on line after phase 1 was up and approved. PCG worked directly with the CIA accreditor on site to obtain the temporary accreditation for phase 1 while working on phase 2 and phase 3. All three phases passed ICD 705 requirements and accreditation on the first round for each phase. PCG is now being recommended for work in multiple other states for DOJ projects.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Scope: Construction of secured areas

PCG was hired to build standard tenant and secured spaces within an existing 25,000-square-foot footprint. This project came on line during the time when ICD 705 was issued. PCG was able to offer value engineering and meet all ICD 705 requirements. PCG helped Customs and Border Protection obtain the first copy of the new ICD 705 and went through the details of the changes on site with Customs and Border Protection agents and GSA representatives. PCG has passed all accreditation requirements from Customs and Border Patrol. PCG has now been placed on Customs and Border Protection’s preferred vendor list. We have also been placed on a bid list with GSA for another secured project coming out to bid soon.

U.S. Marshals Service

Scope: Enlarge existing secure area and bring it up to ICD 705 standards

PCG will bring the existing space up to ICD 705 Standards, enlarging it, changing out doors, and sound protecting the wall systems, as well as other components. PCG was hired for its past performance, its ability to meet and exceed the ICD 705 requirements, and its ability to work directly with the US Marshals Service in obtaining the final accreditation.


PCG has many other SCIF construction projects that are confidential and cannot be listed.