SCIF Consulting

Our knowledgeable staff has 25 years of experience in SCIF design and construction. We have subject matter experts on hand to support any SCIF Build you might have from assisting with Design, Construction, Construction Management and overall assistance with the Accreditation Process.

  1. Provide subject matter experts.
  2. Develop or help develop conceptual plans.
  3. Develop or help develop construction security plans.
  4. Develop or help develop fixed facility checklists.
  5. Develop proper design for TEMPEST requirements set by CTTA.
  6. Work with architects and engineers to ensure proper design.
  7. Meet with general contractor staff to ensure proper construction will take place.
  8. Inspect all work on site before the contractor moves to the next step.
  9. Conduct photo documentation and produce project close-out books for accreditation requirements.
  10. Perform sound testing.